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What is Poof?

Poof is a small project I started to quickly and easily edit any number of image files. It is written in Visual Studio C# .NET 2010 and is available as open-source software. Poof uses no third-party graphic processing libraries.


  1. Commands are processed in the order of which they are entered. Use logic when forming the command set. Some examples include:
    1. Save commands (save, savejpg, savepng, etc..) should be the last command entered in the command set
  2. Don't repeat commands in the same command set.

Examples of Valid Input:

  • How do I set the height and width to 150 and overwrite the inputted file(s):
    • height:150 width:150 save
  • How do I rotate the image 90-degrees clockwise and save it as a png with a suffix of _new added onto the filename:
    • rotate90 suffix:_new savepng
  • How do I scale the image down to 25%, save it as the same file name, and add a suffix onto the original file of _old:
    • scale:25 osuffix:_old save

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