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Poof is no longer in development. It has been merged with my other project DragDropUpload to create a new project: Boxie.

Project Description
Poof is an open-source command-driven image manipulation program. It is intended for fast editing of one or many image files.

Version 1.6:
  1. added height and width command
  2. added delete/del command
  3. added osuffix command
  4. files now loaded via a file stream instead of directly (was causing a locked file bug)
  5. added save command
  6. resize coding re-programmed (improves commands: scale, height, width)
Version 1.5:
  1. program only accepts image formats now (.jpg .jpeg .gif .png .tiff .bmp .ico)
Version 1.4:
  1. added grayscale/gs command
  2. added queue command
Version 1.3:
  1. added drag/drop ability

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